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Having holidays here over the years whilst ruining a family business in the U.K. we loved the French way of life. From the fast pace of Monaco, St Tropez and the south we’ve visited and loved each region and thought initially, we would find somewhere in Brittany as we just adored the coastline and its beautiful countryside.

In the UK we had always lived in a rural location and was fairly used to having animals and the responsibility of one self catering holiday let. Something that we as a family with young children loved, it became the normal thing for us to gather eggs from our hens and keep the odd pig or two. So when stumbling upon Charbonnaud farm all of our dreams seem to almost become a possibility.

We had decided in 2015 that our hearts belonged in France, although with family, work commitments and responsibilities kept a strong grip on us remaining in the UK then in 2019 we decided it’s time to jump, dive and plough everything in and just do it. So Fran, William ,Henry and myself shoe horned all of our belongings and possessions into out VW transporter and camping trailer, bought a 40 shipping container for the big bits and did it. Funny we had a night in a pub/hotel in Folkestone for a well earned journey break, at breakfast we got chatting to the chef, who turned out to be French from Paris and he was so enthusiastic and interested in what we were planning to do. He did explain it would be hard and challenging for a while but the French life is an amazing life, he even showed us his Duck Breasts that he had sent over from France! He was right you don’t get them like this in the UK.

So October the 10th 2020 we arrived at Charbonnaud farm. Luckily for us the then Australian owners had a completed Gite that we were able to rent until all the formalities had been completed and we could become owners. Charbonnaud was finally ours and we moved in on the 10th of May 2020, oh and in that time, Fran to our massive surprise became pregnant and our new baby was due late August/ early September. So lots to do and get ready, the new pool for the Gite was the 1st off the pretty big list, so Franny the boys and an aging plumber set about mixing concrete and laying blocks and the pool was ready for our fist paying guests. Screwing down the last decking planks while they unpacked!

Sheep farming became the norm and we starting to be absorbed by France and this new way of life. The flock grew, the animals multiplied and Arthur Charles Hart was born in Souaux on the 1st September 2021. It was as if the jewel in the crown had been given to our family. Our little French boy is an absolute sweetheart.

Charbonnaud is continually busy with family and animals we are constantly loving, learning and being the family that love life and love working and spending time together. We have just finished our second Gite that evolved from a 20ft shipping container, that up until 3 months ago housed our chickens. For weeks we named it the chuck hut, it’s now renamed Le Cabin and it’s just wonderful, perfect for a couple that want a little bit of a posh getaway with sunken bath to watch the stars on a clear summers night.

So we continue with births and new arrivals on the farm. We’ve been lucky enough to have 2 baby girl goats bred on the farm and also inherited a flock of Ouessants sheep. A French breed of sheep that just love being hand fed with a bit of crusty baguette.

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    Having holidays here over the years whilst ruining a family business in…
    The Gite was originally built in 1868 and was used as a…